Kitchen Order Ticket


Sales Summary


Adjust item quantity directly from the transaction screen by clicking on the green (+) or red (-) button. You can also directly input the quantity in the text box.   Select and cancel or print invoice for any past transactions from the reports screen.
Add modifiers to any item for kitchen order ticket (KOT) or simply type a message in the modifier field. This information is only printed in KOT print and is not saved by the system. Very handy to modify orders.   From reports screen select the date range and time to display a detailed sales summary of the all the transaction during that period. Very useful for daily, weekly, monthly or annual sales.
Conveniently print or reprint last invoice, kitchen order tickets (KOT). Payment type can also be selected on the same screen for single screen processing.   Easily export reports to you computer and share to analyse sales for staff rostering, menu planning and improved sales and thus profits. Reports include all transactions in detail, summary of all items sold by category & hourly sales report.
Discount feature is available. You can input discount by percentage or exact amount to be discounted. Discount works on the total invoice.   In settings add a personalised logo of the business on the receipt and sales summary reports. Very effective in branding your business.
Quickly view the last transaction processed including the transaction number, total amount, amount received and change to be returned back to the customer. Very handy once the sale goes away from the screen.   In setting you can print receipt for every transaction and specify number of copies. Print width and resolution can be adjusted. You can also force the printer to print kitchen order ticket (KOT) with every invoice and/or when sale is put on hold or allocated to a table number, with ability to specify number of copies.
Multi colour sub categories tab to help you select quickly and easily.   Two printers can be connected to the POS software. One can be used for printing receipts and sales summary and a second printer can be used to print kitchen order ticket (KOT).
One unique feature of the software is multi colour item button. As the quantity of the product increases the colour of the button changes. Very useful for avoiding errors when button is pressed more then desired, by mistake.   The POS software can be connected to a cash drawer which will open after processing every sale. Simply select the checkbox and enter the code to activate this feature.
Numpad to enter amount tendered. 'NO SALE' button to open the cash drawer with processing a transaction. Also you can select the attendant name to allocate the sale to. Specially useful for allocating sales to a person or department to monitor sales, targets and distributing commissions.   Pole display is used to displace the price and total to customer as referred to as customer price display. Simply select the checkbox and enter customised message.
Table management system to assist in allocation an order to a table. Option of 24 tables. Can also be used to save orders. More items can easily be added to the order.   Invoice headers are fully customisable in settings. Choose a name more appropriate to your location. Can take multiple language input based on the languages supported by Microsoft Windows. Thus helping this software to work worldwide.
Easily add a Menu sub group or item category from the Items menu.   Add modifiers or remarks in settings. Specially useful for modification of orders or instruction in Kitchen order Tickets (KOT).
One of the easiest way to add item. Simply select the sub group, enter product name, before or after tax price, select the appropriate checkbox next to the tax type and hit the New button.   In settings menu you can set the currency symbol, name and rounding off of the invoice total.
In the items menu you can import or export full menu to create, store, edit or restore menu.   In settings under regional 2 tax types can be set and rate can be allocated to them. Also put to tax or business related numbers here.
See sales summary only by sub-group or categories by selecting the sub-group checkbox. Also print or save sales summary in pdf, excel or word formats.   Add multiple users from the settings menu.
Select the top seller percentage to display in easy to understand quick view graphs.   Allocate different users rights according to their role in the business.
Bar chat of top sellers in the time frame selected.   In settings there is ability to permanently delete transactions by selecting date and time range. Specially useful for removing transaction during training or transactions processed in error.
Pie chat of top sellers in the time frame selected.   In setting there is an option to fully backup the database including all sales and menu items. This can also be restored at a later stage.