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Free version restrictions:

1. Limit of 500 transactions per month

2. Limit of 50 Products can be added.

Once the above limits are crossed ,only on Check-out, a timed message will flash for a short period requesting you to buying the full version.

Please note sales transaction will not be disabled but waiting time will apply after the above restrictions are crossed.

Also business will not be able to enter the business details in the settings page.

The DEMO version is the software where the sample database is hosted on cloud or remote server. User can test the functionality of the software and its features but is not able to save any data. Also please note that other users can connect to the same database (parallel connection) which can sometimes cause delayed response time, which is not an issue with the software.

To experience the complete features download SQL 2008 (link is provided on the welcome screen) or download from this link: This enables you to host the database on your local computer and thus save settings and transactions. You can also test the hardware connected to the computer like the printer, cash drawer and customer display. This is the Free version of the software.

Minimum System Requirements

1. Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP with Service Pack 3
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows 7
Windows 8

2. Other Softwares Required
Dotnet Framework 2 SP2
Microsoft SQL Express 2005 or later

3. Hardware Requirements
1.6 GHz or faster processor
1024 MB RAM
hard-disk space as per database size
5400 RPM hard-disk drive
DirectX 9-capable video card running at 1024 x 768

80mm Receipt Printer (optional)

 4. Internet access may be required.

Download the free version with SQL from our download page and install on your system.

Click buy now and make the payment via credit card or Paypal. If you would like to make payment by another mode of payment please send us an email.

After the payment is approved, you will be requested to provide the below business details, before the license key can be issued:

Business Name : ONE Line (upto 50 characters)

Business Address : THREE Lines (upto 50 characters EACH line)

Your account (business name and address) will be created via a serial key, issued by us via email, on purchase of the full version.

Please Note: The business details cannot be modified at a later stage for copy protection reasons.

When you purchase the license, a serial key file will be mailed to you ( Which simply has to be copied to the application folder to activate the license) after you provide us your "business details" (Business Name & Address). These "business details" will appear on the software, reports and receipts. These details CANNOT be changed once a license key has been issued.

If, in the future, you wish to change your computer. Just download & install the software from our website and simply copy the serial key file into the application folder to activate the license. Please note, if there is a need for change in "Business details" info, then a new license has to be bought.

To keep the software simple and affordable some of the features have been excluded from the software like:

Muti location (multi-site) networking, EFTPOS/ credit card terminal, weighing scale, barcode scanner, employee time clock, customer management, accounting. 

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of excluded features.

Although you will need an internet connection to download the software and test the cloud version, it is not required for the local version.

To download the full free version of the software please follow this link:

You will also need active internet connection for downloading any software upgrade.

No, there are no additional charges besides the upfront charges for the purchase of the software.

The license permits you to use the software at single location for unlimited time with free lift time upgrades. 

For details refer to the EULA (End User License Agreement)

If you purchased the software through a reseller (distributor), they may charge addition fees for the service they provide.

Our software supports cash drawer, printer & customer price display pole.

Cheap: We develop and manage the software in-house which reduces our overheads and hence we are able to offer a quality software at a reasonable price. Also keeping the software simple will all the necessary features while taking away all the complicated features also keeps the price low and appeals to small businesses.

 Expensive: Firstly we recommend you test the 'other' cheap software's available in the market. We believe we offer a quality software backed by one time fees for lifetime license, free upgrades, 1 year email support. Our customers have provided us feedback that this is the easiest to use software they have come across and have chosen us over other leading softwares available in the market.

Typical Installation Process (Free Version):


  1. Locate file and uncompress
  2. Run on Security Warning
  3. Read and accept Microsoft SQL Server license agreement
  4. Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express will begin
  5. Agree to Retail Answer POS Lite license agreement
  6. Select location of installation and also select who can access the software. Click ‘next’
  7. Click ‘next’ on confirm installation
  8. Software will begin installation and once completed a confirmation screen will appear. Click ‘close’ when complete
  9. Run software file ‘Shortcut to Retail Answer POS Lite’ from desktop or Start Menu









The software can be installed in a Client Server Network

Server Installation:

  1. Run setup.exe on the Server to install the software (which includes SQL server express)
  2. After installation Run the application once to automatically create the database
  3. From Windows Start Menu, in the Microsoft SQL Server Folder, Run SQL Server Configuration Manager
  4. Under SQL Server Services, Dbl Click SQL Server Browser, Make Start Mode Automatic and restart the SQL Server Browser
  5. Under SQL Server Network Configuration, Enable TCP/IP
  6. Allow SQL Access to other Computers on the Network ---> Control Panel > System & Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management  > Local Users and Groups > Groups > Users > Add > : <Client Computer Logon> or Guest or Everyone
  7. Allow access to sqlservr.exe and sqlbrowser.exe in Windows Firewall, default locations are:C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQLServer\MSSQL10_50.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Binn\sqlservr.exe

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlbrowser.exe

SQL connection string

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance | copy the text in the SQL connection Box. It will be something like "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=ExpressData;Integrated Security=True" | Open the notepad and paste this into it
  2. Replace the "." infront of the "=" with the name of the Computer Server and save the file Name as "Sqlconnect.txt". For example if the Computer Server Name is "MyShop", the the text saved should be (without the quotation Marks) "Data Source=MyShop\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=ExpressData;Integrated Security=True"

Client Installation:

  1. Now from the installation files downloaded from our website, copy the RAposL.msi into the Client System and Run
  2. Copy the Sqlconnect.txt file in the installation folder where the RAposL.exe file is located.

Following need to be copied in all the Networked Computers (if applicable)

  1. The Software Serial Key File "serial.raz"
  2. Business Logo
  3. Item Images

You can operate multiple systems including Windows tablets at the same time in small businesses with one primary sale counter, it is recommended to install the server on that system (primary counter).

Simply install the software in the other system as usual.

The backup in the previous system and restore option in the new system can be used.

Business Logo, license key and item images are not a part of the backup file, and needs to be installed separately, if applicable.

This can also be done manually without using the backup/restore function:

The settings/maintenance page shows the location of the database files with the name expressdata. Copy the files and paste/overwrite it in the same location in the new computer system.

Although the printer is tested on several thermal printers. We cannot resolve all hardware compatibility issues. For this you will need to contact the hardware manufacturer.

Recommend thermal printer is 80mm wide and Brand is Epson printer TM T88.


Take a Full System Backup from Settings page before proceeding (as a precaution)

The latest update of Retail Answer POS Lite is available for download from our site. In case you already have the previous version of the software installed in your computer, simply:

  1. download the Application executable from this link:
  1. Copy/Overwrite this file "RAposL.exe" to the Default Application Folder – C:\Program Files\Retail Answer POS Lite\

This should update your software in the shortest possible way.

The Software Serial Key File "serial.raz" it sent via email after payment of licence fee.

Please copy this Serial Key File ("serial.raz") into the Retail Answer  

POS Lite Application Folder to activate the Licence.

Default Application Folder – C:\Program Files\Retail Answer POS Lite\

The software Free version download file link is a zip file.

Please use WinZip or winrar or a similar program to extract the files, and then run the setup.

You will find these applications on the internet.

You can right click on the and use the "open with"  to select the correct application

You'll need to provide administrator permission to the folder to copy the File. Lot's of information is available on the internet on this. A possible solution could be:

From Windows Explorer, right-click specified folder.

Goto Properties

Click on Security tab

Click on Edit...

Change permission as suitable

The default username and password are both admin.

The software will not ask for a password unless you have added a user or changed the password in settings.

If you forgot the admin username/password please email us at

For Cash Drawer have you ticked the selection box & entered the code to enable the opening of the cash drawer?

The below should help you in getting the correct code.

Discounts can be given in Percentage as well as in absolute value. Simply click the "Dsc" button. Two options will be available. In the first box you can enter a percentage discount by using the scroll keys. In the the second input box you can enter the absolute discount. Keep the percentage discount box to Zero to use the absolute discount box.

Negative quantity Items are not allowed. But you can have Items with negative pricing. Pricing CANNOT be negative or zero directly, for this - Export the Menu File and change the prices of respective Items in the exported CSV file to negative or zero, wherever applicable, and finally import back the File from the Item Menu Page. Please note at the time of Check-Out the final invoice total value should be Positive only.

Coupons are not available. But by using the above trick, you can create a "Coupon" sub Group with coupons as items in negative denominations.

There is NO option in the software to segregate the sales type. But you can use a simple trick to achieve something similar.

  1. From settings/users tab, Create a new user with name "Delivery" or something like that.
  2. Save & Restart the software
  3.  Start preparing invoices by selecting the invoice items
  4. For delivery invoices, just before clicking check-out, select from the bottom box "attendant" as delivery.
  5. Click check-out

To see summary report of only delivery sales, on the reports page, select attendant type as delivery.

The database is stored in a separate location of your computer, and is not removed even if you uninstall the application. It has to be deleted manually whenever required. Hence, you will NOT loose any existing data after buying the license.

This software follows a continuous sales system, and hence there is no "shift" system.

To know the sales of any particular day.

  1. Go to the Reports Page
  2. Select the Date & Time Range, shown in the bottom Right part
  3. Click Refresh

If you have sales beyond midnight, then please select the next day in "To" Range with an earlier time ( in AM probably).

for example to check your sales for 12-3-16 (assuming your sales start at 10 AM and close late night at 1 AM next day), the the datetime range selected could be From 12-3-2016 9:00 AM - To 13-3-2016 2:00 AM

These Sales Reports can also be exported in Excel format (MS EXCEL required)

You need to have the latest version (1.5 or later) of our software installed in your system.

Your current installed version can be seen in the settings page

It is possible to connect with the database of the software via LAN or Wifi. Simply install another copy of the software and connect to the same windows network.

If you are in a remote location please use screen sharing software like Teamviewer to access the software remotely. 

Please do frequent backup of the full system from the settings menu. Also do take separate back of all images, logos, modifiers & menu. Store this in an external media and store in a separate location, where possible. You can also make multiple copies of the backup.

If the computer crashes you can recreate the software by downloading the FREE version (local server) from our website, restoring the full system backup and putting the logos, images and modifiers in the appropriate folders. Menu backup is not needed in this scenario. Also note you database will be populated with the data from the last backup. Any data entered after this backup will be lost and cannot be recovered. Also copy Serial Key File ("serial.raz") into the Retail Answer POS Lite Application Folder to activate the Licence. Default Application Folder – C:\Program Files\Retail Answer POS Lite\

Images can be added to the menu items by creating a PNG format file (recommended size 64x64 px) with the same name as the item and storing it under C:\Program Files\Retail Answer POS Lite\images\

You can cancel any invoice from the Reports page, the invoice is permanently deleted and not available for future reference.

 Option 1

  1. To add new Items, select the SubGroup or create new SubGroup into which you want to enter the Item.
  2. Simply enter/overwrite in the New TextBox under Menu Items and enter all the other Item details. (The item which was displayed earlier over which you are overwriting will not be removed, so don't worry)
  3. Click the New Button, a new item will be added in the above grid box.
  4. You can change the position of the Item by using the Up / Dn buttons.
  5. After updating all the items, click Save button to save the changes

 Option 2

  1. Export Menu in CSV format
  2. Add/Modify/Delete items in the CSV file C. Import Menu CSV file back to the system and Save.

Optionally, You can also take a Full System Backup of the data before making any changes, if you want to revert back.
Item Quantity Limit (default is set to 99) can be increased in the Settings/Transaction Page, Located on the Top Right Corner of that page.



Error messages does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the software or generated by the software. The other reasons could be conflict with other software's running on the computer, the configuration of the computer or program, or issues with the programs (database, program language, report generator, etc.), which the program uses to run.

If you notice a frequent error message please take a screenshot of the error message and send us an email at: Please include the details of what might have triggered the error message (which actions you have performed in the software which gives this error). We will then investigate further and advice you accordingly. 

Also if you have any recommendations which you think will benefit most of the software users, do send it to us for further review. We generally implement these suggestions in software updates/upgrades, if we find them of value to most of our users.


Simply send us an email with your name, address, experience, business information and any related information. Please also advice us on how you intend to market our software. Send us the detail to