Simple and easy to use retail point of sale solution

Retail Answer POS lite has been developed by people who have been in retail business for over 10 years. We have worked across multiple businesses in different categories from retail food to restaurant and cafe. We have developed this software after using different point of sale (POS) systems from different software development companies. We found that most of them were either cumbersome with features that were not required by a small business yet were very expensive to purchase, some also had ongoing fees. Moreover the POS systems were not particularly user friendly or easy to use. In some cases lots of staff training time was required in using the POS.


So we developed a POS system that was cost effective, fast and easy to use. We tested this system in several fast paced environments and constantly upgraded the interface and functionality based on end user feedback. We are now proud to launch this system to the wider business community so that they can enjoy the simple, easy, cost effective system so that they can quickly service their customers...hence investing more time into business productivity and development. We hope this system will translate to increased productivity that we have enjoyed at our end.